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The crush is availe in a squeeze side chute or belly band crush / rollover chute.We offer an exceptional serv when you need cattle handling crushes for hoof trimming. Our foot trimming chute is the only chute with an extendable rump rail to guide in the most stubborn of animals and allow cattle treatment in complete safety and ease.

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Cattle foot trimming rollover crush - YouTube

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Aled Thomas Cattle Hoof Trimming serv covering the

He operates a special rollover crush specifically designed for cattle foot trimming. Minimal stress is caused to the animal due to both Aleds professionalism and the custom features of the rollover crush. Cattle hoof trimming serv in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire, Powys

Electric Upright Cattle Crush - Galvanized Stationary

Electric Upright Cattle Crush. This crush has been developed for progressive dairy farms were routine trimming is carried out on a daily basis. This galvanized stationary electric foottrimming crush has nearly the same possibilities as a professional crush at a fraction of the cost.

About Aled Thomas Cattle Hoof Trimming

Aled has three specially designed cattle hydraulic rollover crushes which can cope with individual bulls or entire herds of beef or dairy cattle quicker than you might expect. Naturally, being a cattle hoof trimmer, Aled is fully insured to handle and with your cattle. You can trust Aled Thomas cattle hoof trimming

Foot Trimming

Foot trimming is essential precautionary to prevent lameness and is the most cost effective way to combat foot problems. Animal welfare and cattle comfort are a key consideration for Nick and his team. The rollover crush used for cattle foot trimming is specially designed and custom made to ensure minimal stress is caused to the animal. It

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Cow Tipper Cattle Crush for Foot Trimming Hydrauli . HYDRAULIC Cow Tipper Cattle Crush for Foot/Hoof heavy duty well made cattle crush. bateman galvanised cattle crush. "As picture we also have rose color, please search in our shop note"

Hooftrimming Ltd

who we are About us. Hooftrimming Ltd was set up in 2005 by Steve Jones, a fully qualified cattle hoof trimmer with 16 years experience. Using the latest equipment and trimming techniques, Steve provides farmers and vets nationwide with a timely, comprehensive hoof-care serv.

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Winners of the Weekly Times "Machine of the Year" The Ezy Rollover Crush. The hoof trimming roll over crush. Safe and easy for the cow and operator. Designed and made in Australia.

Cowcare Electric Foot-Trimming Crush - Cowcare Systems

Cowcare Electric Foot-Trimming Crush admin 2017-02-09T11:18:20+00:00 Developed by foot-trimming professionals to ensure safety for both animals and operator. Due to the Unique A-Frame construction, the Cowcare range of Hoof-trimming Crushes are

Hoof Master Crush LM Bateman

Hoof Master Crush. A purpose built foot trimming crush, manual operated scissor yoke (Ambassador), drop down adjustable rump bar, full access to all feet and one of the safest foot block designs availe. Adjustable head yoke and cranked braked hub units on front foot block winches.

CowTipper Hydraulic Crushes and Chutes for lameness

Northern Engineering has a range of cowtippers including squeeze side and belly band crushes. These can be a stationary crush or mobile crush to cater for your dairy farm, beef farm, hoof trimming or veterinarian needs. These livestock handling equipment all come with a unique extendible rump rail to guide in the most stubborn of animals. The hydraulic crush allows easy and safe access to all


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CowCare - Second-Hand Used Hoof Trimming Crushes

The Ten Napel hydraulic hoof trimming crush is 3 years old with a remote control, elevator, compressor for cleaning the legs with high pressure air, ventilators for ing in hot weather, watersystem, heating box, hydraulic mover on wheels, spare motor for mover and all other functions hydraulic. The hoof trimming crush is also equipped with a radio.

Eko Chute - Cow, Cattle Hoof Trimming Equipment

Eko Chute manufacture and distribute modern hoof trimming chutes, crates and crushes for use in cattle and cow hoof trimming for farmers, vets and hoof trimming professionals.

Cattle Handling Equipment by LivestockEquipment.Co.UK

This Crush is the ultimate in cattle handling. The Crush sides squeeze the animal, as the sides come in they also lift to prevent any damage to the animal's feet. The Crush is availe as a manual squeeze operated with a dual action hand pump. Also availe to operate by remote control through an electro hydraulic pump (as shown). This

One size fits all - CHD Cattle Foot Care Hoof Trimming

A ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL turnover cow crush developed by a father and son was exhibited for the first time at the Royal Cornwall Show in June 2012. James and Charlie Davey, who demonstrated type one of their system at the show in 2011 and received a positive response, have now perfected type two, which has been tried and tested on-farm.

Stainless steel rollover cattle crush - YouTube

01/02/2016  Stainless steel rollover cattle crush, left and right hand versions availe complete with self contained 24 and 240 volt hydraulic power packs and battery charging and managment system.

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We stock one of the largest most comprehensive range of high quality barn equipment in the UK. Specialists in cow comfort, contact us today to order.


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The HTL Static Electric Crush is now a much admired, market leader in its field! Built in Cheshire and ergonomically designed for both cow and operator comfort, this crush is suitable for any size herd where the operator wants an easier way of handling cattle of all sizes for hooftrimming without the backache.

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SA18 Cattle Foot Trimming Crush SA38E All Round Treatment Crush (electric) £ 8,300.00. SA39 Hydraulic Cattle Crush (mobile) £ 10,950.00. SA39 Hydraulic Cattle Crush (static) £ 9,965.00. SA51 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Crush (mobile) £ 25,375.00. 1; 2 → Product search. Filter by p. Filter. P: £1,925 — £41,935. Designed by Byte Internet Powered by WordPress

Foot Trimming Kit Cattle Crush Accessories IAE

Two (handed) front foot blocks c/w ropes; Two (handed) rear foot blocks c/w ropes and two loose rear bolt on block housing’s; Rear winch and strap can also be used to lift the front feet of the animal; It will not be possible to use the rear foot-blocks if a crush extension is fitted without removing the crush

Cattle hoof trimming specialist South West Steve Lerwill

Steve is a category one qualified cattle foot hoof trimming specialist based in South Molton serving Exmoor, Devon, Somerset and the South West. Professional cow foot trimmer and hoof trimming for your cattle

Cattle hoof trimming, Hoof oil Animal Health Products

Your one stop resource for all of your hoof trimming needs. Supplying sharpening discs, bovi bond animal health products to the farmer, stockman professional foot trimmer. Hoofcare supplies is the cattle hoof trimming supplies shop front for A S Hoofcare run by Sean Annabelle Robinson.

Hoof Trimming Hoof Care Supplies - HoofCare Direct

Hoof Trimming Hoof Care Supplies from HoofCare Direct.Hoof care is important to cattle, whether beef or dairy, cow or bull. Lame cattle don’t thrive!

Inspect 4 Fixed Crate - Hoof Trimming Hoof Care

Hoof care is important to cattle, whether beef or dairy, cow or bull. Lame cattle don’t thrive! Our Inspect4 hydraulic hoof paring rollover crush allows a single operator to manage hoof paring tasks quickly and safely it takes the physical out of paring!. Inspect4 was designed by farmers for farmers, hoof trimmers and veterinarians.

Cattle Crushes Wynnstay Agriculture

Wynnstay offer a wide selection of Cattle Crushes. Our range includes squeeze crushes which allow access around the head area of cattle. Clipping crushes provide a secure handling system when hoof trimming. Our range of handling equipments covers many areas of cattle management, our crushes provide an increased level of operator safety.

Cattle Crushes - Nugent Engineering 2018

For generations the Nugent family has been steeped in agricultural traditions. Using his engineering expertise to facilitate his requirements on the farm, Sean Nugent began the manufacture of Cattle Crushes to handle and restrain the animal and this is where the Nugent story began over 30 years ago.

Cattle Crushes - GDS Hoofcare

Cattle Crushes. GDS Hoofcare has a variety of - personally designed - cattle crushes for sale. In our opinion, these crushes are special because they are better suited to the demands of a professional hooftrimmer. This gives you the opportunity to profit from our experience that has been built up

Welcome to Cowcare NZ Ltd

The Solution - As specialist cattle hoof trimmers we not only treat thousands of lame cows but also seek to help prevent lameness in our clients herds by undertaking preventative trimming of those cows whose feet are significantly out of balance. In 2017 we had over 20,000 cows through our crushes. We aim to long term with our customers

Cattle Foot Trimming and Courses Foot and Hoof

Lameness detection • Foot trimming • Data recording. Vet Techs. Our large team of Veterinary Technicians are all Diploma of NACFT 3 qualified and receive six monthly CPD sessions to ensure a high standard of cattle foot trimming and knowledge is maintained. They use a variety of equipment including roll over and upright crushes.

Scott's On-farm Servs

We have been hoof trimming cattle for over 30 years in Ireland, UK and New Zealand, treating approx. 15,000 cows per year. We use the latest hydraulic crushes for comfort and safety of cattle. Preventative trims and treatment of lame cows. Demotec Easy Blocs used to alleviate pain and aid recovery. We use the best equipment, tools and

5 sheep crushes on test: Which handles best? - Farmers

All four feet protrude from the top of the crush in an upright position and can be easily accessed for trimming. The crush rolls over gently on an axis, which means you don’t have to bend to

South West cattle hoof trimming Steve Lerwill

Cattle Hoof Trimming Exmoor, Devon the South West. Steve uses the latest equipment and modern technology to help him with his hoof trimming serv, including a stand-up crush and two rollover machines. Trimming. Steve can offer two types of cattle hoof trimming serv. Ad hoc trimming when required and routine, scheduled trimming. Routine


• The vertical crush which facilitates, simplifies and speeds up • Highest performance for the farmer • Innovative catching devise for any cattle even horned ones Top5 • The 1000-fold proven and tested crush for dairy cattle • Corresponds in ideal mode to the 5 steps of functional hoof trimming BullTop

Get in touch with CHD Cattle Foot Care in Devon,

Gallery Video. See our latest pictures of our cattle foot treatments in action, including video footage of the hoof trimming procedure using our turnover cow crush vehicle which has been specially designed to minimise stress to cattle.

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Good foot care in cows is very important. MS Schippers offers a wide range of professional products for optimum hoof care.

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We’ve put a video together with some of the clips we’ve had from the contracting team throughout the year so you can see what the team have been up to hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year from all the team at Hooftrimming ltd.

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Cattle crush, weigh crate. beef cattle, dairy, calves, bulls. This advert is located in and around Spalding, Lincolnshire. Cattle crush/weigh crate Excellent solid ing condition New floor 3 point linkage Fully servd 70 inches high 98 inches long 36 inches wide Delivery possible